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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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Scientific Research Efforts

Areas and lines of scientific researches closely relate to the projects performed by the Institute.

Scientific researches conducted by ZAO Koncoil cover a wide range and scope of problems to be solved:

  • Analysis of physical and chemical properties of reservoir and surface fluids;
  • Well construction engineering;
  • Estimation of oil and gas reserves;
  • Oil field development engineering;
  • Crude oil and water treatment.

To solve these problems specialized departments are available within the Institute. ZAO Koncoil has established and successfully operates a software complex to run analysis of oil field development and to build geological maps based on ROXAR (Chlumberger) mathematical models.

To solve process-related problems in oil field construction designs scientific research departments develop advanced methods of well product gathering, preliminary water removal, crude oil dehydration, desalting and stabilization widely used in practice.

Comprehensive laboratory studies on oil emulsion properties enabled to develop high-performance demulsifiers and methods to apply them, which were repeatedly used in projects performed by the Institute.

Well construction specialists perform state-of-the-art designs and researches in drilling wells, including vertical, directional and horizontal wells, in well bore offshooting with environment protection problems taken care of and economic estimates run.

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