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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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Engineering: Today and Tomorrow

Over many years of its operation ZAO Koncoil Institute gained extensive experience in development and implementation of projects varying from small to very big ones within a wide range of climatic and geological conditions. During design development our key goal is to ensure high environmental and industrial safety. To meet this goal, Strength Calculations and Industrial Safety Center was established at the Institute. Design deliverables development is performed in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001-2000.

Our Institute is experienced in development of design documents for oil and gas facilities based on provisions and requirements of international codes and standards.

KONCOIL established and is continuously updating a data bank of international codes and standards with total number of 200 items developed by API, ASME, NAGE, NFPA, ASTM, OSHA, ASNT and others. KONCOIL specialists can make use of required catalogs of international standards.

"ZAO Koncoil" has all required licences for design and survey works at oil and civil engineering facilities in Russia and CIS and abroad.

The business progress of "ZAO Koncoil" can be assessed through a wide range of large- scale projects performed in recent years. Ranking high among them is of course the Caspian Crude Oil Pipeline System (CPC project) for which "ZAO Koncoil" in a consortium with Fluor Daniel (USA) were awarded the EPM contract and acted as a Prime Contractor for all engineering and construction phases of about 1500 kilometers long Tenguiz-Novorossiisk oil pipeline. The first phase of the pipeline (28.2 MTA throughput capacity) was launched into operation in October 2001.

Among them there is also a large technologically complicated project of Zaikino Gas Processing Plant in Orenbourg region. In 2001 construction of the plant was completed and commercialization of its first phase is now in progress; its commissioning will allow to boost oil production, improve quality of associated gas coming from Zaikino group of fields and to produce electrical power as a commercial product.

The detailed design of Zhanazhol (Kazakhstan) Gas Processing Plant rehabilitation is also worth mentioning. The project is a joint effort of KONCOIL Institute and specialists from the Chinese People's Republic.

At present KONCOIL Institute is developing technical documents for Yurubchenskoye field construction in Eastern Siberia. The field is located in severe conditions of permafrost, swamps and practically lacks any infrastructure. Such engineering input conditions require really extraordinary engineering solutions from KONCOIL specialists.

In 2001 Zao "Koncoil" was awarded a subcontract by "Sakhalin Energy" Company for development of the TEOC for "Sakhalin II - Onshore Facilities". The Subcontract was concluded with OOO "Starstroi".

The Project is about building an oil pipeline and a gas pipeline about 800 km long. When developing the design KONCOIL engineers will have to find solutions to a number of complicated engineering problems caused both by a need to route oil and gas pipelines in mountainous topography conditions in a seismically active area and a need to ensure high reliability and environmental safety of engineered facilities.

Completed now is the design on construction of process facilities for South Shapkino oil and gas field (Arkhangelsk Region) located in permafrost area which required taking extraordinary technical solutions by KONCOIL specialists.

In 2004 ZAO Koncoil started design development for 1200 km-long Kstovo-Yaroslavl-Kirishi-Primorsk petroleum product pipeline.

"ZAO Koncoil" plays an active role in solving problems relating to development and commissioning of new oil producing areas in Western and Eastern Siberia.

Abundant cooperation experience gained by KONCOIL Institute ensures its leading position among those engineering companies that provide international level of product quality.

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