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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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Press reports

December 3, 2002Newspaper "Tyumenskiye Izvestiya", "Deeds and People"
...if earlier after college graduation it took young specialists at least five years to break in (remember Raykin's: "forget about induction - give me production"), now it happens incomparably faster...
January10, 2002Newspaper "Delovaya Tribuna", "They Keep Keys from the Earth's Interior"
I haven't been to "Koncoil" Institute for about a year. When I entered the building I didn't recognize it - what a striking change! Everything shines and glitters.
- What surprised you, - says Boris Usachev, the Director General, - is, as they say, just a visible part of an iceberg.
September 2001"Tyumenskiye" magazine, "Under ZAO Koncoil name for 55 Years"
...An age that entitles us to look back at the past with dignity and look ahead into the future with confidence.
May 5, 2001Newspaper "Tyumenskiye Nedelya", "Koncoil is a lifelong business"
...1999-2000 were "high-yield" years for ZAO Koncoil: approximately 250 young employees joined the institute including about 50 people directly after graduation from the Technical or Aerospace Universities.
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