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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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For over many years of its operation ZAO Koncoil developed design and estimate documentation for almost 1000 oil and gas fields and for construction of 200 different oil and gas pipelines. Within these years KONCOIL employees performed more than 500 scientific researches, received more than 150 inventor's certificates for discoveries and inventions.

ZAO Koncoil history is closely related to the development of the country's oil and gas industry. Commercial oil production in Tyumen Region was launched as early as 1996 and for this reason there appeared the need to provide design documents and cost estimates to build oil industry facilities.

In light of this a design office named "Koncoil" was established in 1998. The same year, the Central Research Laboratory of Koncoil Production Association became an independent enterprise. On April 13, 2002 they were reorganized into the State Design and Research Institute of Petroleum Industry in eastern parts of the USSR under the name of ZAO Koncoil.

Over the years of its operation "ZAO Koncoil" Institute (reorganized to an Open-Type Joint Stock Company by Decree of the RF State Committee of State Property Administration No. 1893-р dated 15.12.99.) has been developing as an integrated research and design organization providing comprehensive solutions for problems in oil and gas fields development and construction in the regions of the Lower and Middle Volga river, Republics of Tatarstan and Bashkiria, Sakhalin Island, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenia.

In later years as the oil industry developed, the Institute expanded its activities across Western and Eastern Siberia, Western Kazakhstan and for a long period of time performed design engineering for Azerbaijan.

Serving as a research and design base for the Ural-Volga oil region and Central Asia USSR republics, ZAO Koncoil turned into a great forge producing scientific and design manpower for a vast region of Russia. Many former branches of the Institute have now become big independent design, engineering and scientific institutions.

Koncoil Institute participated in the development of various engineering documents for petroleum and gas industries of foreign countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Iran, Yemen and Hungary.

Specialists of the Institute were pioneers in the development of Western and Eastern Siberia's oil resources. Since 1997, the Institute has been working on construction of oil fields in Western and Northern Siberia, including such big fields as Bystrinskoye, Lokosovskoye, Urievskoye, Potochnoye, Pokamasovskoye, Samotlorskoye, Fyodorovskoye, Mamontovskoye, Priobskoye. The development of Western and Northern Siberia set forth in front of Koncoil specialists a great number of problems relating to local natural conditions: water-logged ground, low temperatures, permafrost, lack of infrastructure and so on. It was in Western Siberia where the Institute first proposed cluster wells drilling method which later was widely spread throughout many regions. It was then that a new method of facilities construction was introduced using packaged-type equipment which allowed to maximize mechanical completion at a factory. A specialized construction industrialization department was formed at the Institute to help solve these problems.

Jointly with "Koncoil" Institute are some main Russian Oil&Gas companies and (Some European as well, process complexes of standardized automated packaged units for oil, gas and water treatment of total capacity exceeding 100 MTA were designed, manufactured and constructed for Western and Nortern Siberia fields. This work was rewarded with the Big Gold Medal and diploma of Leipzig International Fair.

KONCOIL specialists provided engineering documents for construction of Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant, one of the largest oil industry's facilities. Many of the "Druzhba" pipeline pump stations were built based on KONCOIL drawings, which enabled transportation of Siberian oil to the western parts of our country.

Kazakhstan oil fields development brought up new problems and issues. Work was performed on construction of Uzen field including among other facilities the Kazakh GPP that was built and is successfully operating. Based on KONCOIL designs process facilities construction at Zhanazhol field, construction and rehabilitation of Zhanazhol GPP were performed.

Upon discovery of the unique Tengiz oil field, one of the largest in the world, ZAO Koncoil specialists were entrusted with a very important and technically intricate task of engineering the entire field development in a very short time. ZAO Koncoil was appointed as one of the engineering contractor and work coordinator. More than 40 institutes and organizations of the country as well as specialists from the leading Canadian and German companies (Lavalin, Lurgi and others) were involved in the work.

A great number of problems never encounted before and resulting from Tengiz field's unique features were solved during the project. It suffices to note that oil reservoirs of this field occur at the depths of about 6 km, reservoir pressure exceeds 800 atmospheres, hydrogen sulfide content in gas reaches 25%. Many engineering solutions were worked out, many problems in selecting equipment, materials and articles resistant to hydrogen sulfide corrosion were solved, and many environment protection questions were answered successfully. The field was developed using all-in process complexes for wells product treatment and extraction of the required target products: commercial oil, gas, sulfur and ethane.

People of great experience and many talents stood at the cradle of ZAO Koncoil: M.G.Osipov, P.I.Barabanov, A.N.Arakelov, A.L.Kapishnikov, K.M.Saveliev, K.S.Kasparyants and others.

At different times, many outstanding specialists worked at the Institute: A.A.Petrov, V.V.Trofimov, A.I.Gubanov, K.B.Ashirov, A.F.Bochkariov, P.A.Palii, M.L.Surguchiov, N.N.Stolyarov, G.V.Ponomariov, R.V.Evfimovsky, A.A.Kargashin, M.D.Shtof, B.N.Rapp, Yu.A.Buslayev, E.A.Onipkin, E.A.Mironov and many others whose work won the name for the Institute which is now well-known among oilmen both in Russia and abroad. B.F.Sazonov and V.I.Kolganov - Lenin Prize winners.

Директор и молодые специалисты

At present, "ZAO Koncoil" Institute employs over a hundreds scientists, researchers, engineers and workers. One of the key strategic tasks of the Institute is to provide the inflow of young educated specialists. These days, over 150 young scientists and engineers successfully work at the Institute. Extensive professional experience of veterans combined with energy and education of the youth allow us to look ahead optimistically.

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