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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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Patents and Inventor Certificates

There is an Industrial Proprietorship Department at the Institute which manages a Patent Documents Fund including over 250000 patents and inventor certificates, and namely:

  1. Descriptions for USSR and RF inventor certificates and patents as per trends of the Institute activity (including confidential information) - in amount of 25000 units.
  2. Card index for abstracts from foreign inventions (USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan (both International -PCP and European - EPA) - 150 000 abstracts.
  3. Code and Regulation documents valid for 2002 (Acts, Enactments, Decrees, Regulations, Directions, Codes, Instructions, Recommendations, etc.)
  4. Fund of foreign invention descriptions (USA, pre-war Germany, DDR, FDR, Great Britain, France, Japan USSR, up to #400000) in amount of 75000 patents.
  5. Abstracts and descriptions of RF patents (1991 - 2001).

Electronic Data Bases:

  1. "Inventions from World Countries", Russian-language abstracts, 1996-2000, (in leading trends of the Institute activity).
  2. RF patents and USSR inventor certificates published during 1994-2000, electronic data bases of ROSPATENT with retrieval systems therein, along the main trends of the Institute activity.
  3. "ZAO Koncoil " Institute inventions (complete specifications) - up to 2000.

Access to the materials is granted upon a separate application.

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