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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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Ecology in Projects

Environmental and industrial safety for oil and gas exploration, production and processing as well as for trunk line transportation is one of the most important conditions of pre-investment, pre-project and project documents development.

To meet the requirement, "ZAO Koncoil", using procedures and principles of EIA (Environment Impact Assessment), conducts environmental feasibility studies, provides an on-going environmental monitoring of projects (documents) regulating construction and development (abandonment, mothballing) of production facilities for oil and gas exploration, production, processing and trunk line transportation

For environmental feasibility studies and EIA, ZAO Koncoil uses up-to-date software, in particular, the geographic information system (GIS) "Arc View"

"ZAO Koncoil" renders environment protection services to oil companies in applying environment quality control systems to comply with a series of Russian GOST standards (GOST Р ИСО-14000) developed in accordance with ISO-14000 and in making Ecological Nature Management Certificate based on RF GOST

"ZAO Koncoil" assists oil companies in obtaining environmental permits (licenses) for the following Nature Management operations:

  • Licence for pollutants emission into atmosphere (MAE values assessment);
  • Licence for disposal of contaminants into water bodies(MAE values assessment);
  • Licence for construction (industrtial) waste disposal (waste generation values and disposal limitations;
  • Licence for Water Resource utilization (Water Management Licence);
  • Permission for Land Resource utilization;
  • Licence for Forest Resources Management;
  • Licence for Biological Resources Management;
  • Licence for Mineral Resources Management.

The Institute's work on environmental feasibility studies, EIA and environmental monitoring of all environment components is done to advanced technical and scientific standards and is highly valued by Regional and Federal authorities at the stage of project approval.

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