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ОАО "Институт по проектированию и исследовательским работам в нефтяной промышленности "КОНСОЙЛ"
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International Partnership

Our Institute started to perform economic operations in foreign countries between 1995-1996 when the USSR Ministry of Oil Industry charged ZAO Koncoil with "...implementation of scientific research, design and survey works for foreign countries in the following lines of activities:

  • engineering of oil and gas field gathering and transportation systems;
  • engineering of field oil treatment plants;
  • development of feasibility studies for oil industry development;
  • imported demulsifying agents tests.

For the first international partners - China , India , GDR , Bulgaria - ZAO Koncoil performed oil fields development process schemes; together with Austria and France in 2000 integral oil treatment units were developed and built; for Algeria KONCOIL performed construction design for one of the world's largest oil fields Hassi-Misaud; together with Japan and Germany researches and development of demulsifiers and polymer compounds were performed.

Among our partners we had oil and gas companies of Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya for whom KONCOIL developed large-scale programs of integral oil and gas industry development, designs for degassing stations, separation units, oil treatment and desalting units and many others.

Geography of KONCOIL business relations covers many countries of the world: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, China.

KONCOIL annals list names of foreign companies known all over the world: Amoco, EKE, Lavalin, Lurgi, Termo-Design Engineering, Fluor Daniel, Thermodyn and others.

Kazakhstan occupies a special position among ZAO Koncoil international partners; cooperation with this country has deep roots and is now evolving through new joint projects. Based on KONCOIL designs Kazakhstan built and launched into operation largest facilities for unique oil and gas condensate fields like Tenguiz, Zhanazhol and Uzen, gas processing plants, CPC Crude Oil Pipeline System and many other facilities.

Within five decades of years countries and regions changed in ZAO Koncoil international cooperation geography, but the things that remained unchanged were the wealth of experience and aspiration to be a reliable business partner.

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